From 1,524 to 4,478 meters, that is from Valtournenche to the peak of Mount Cervino,
passing through Breuil-Cervinia, Plateau Rosà and Piccolo Cervino:
this is our valley, an area that sprawls to the Alpes’ side of Switzerland all the way to Zermatt.


The village is located on the shores of a beautiful basin at the bottom of the valley, surrounded by vast meadows and forests. Tourism development in the village is tied to the history of alpinism, and it started at the end of the last century, when the paved road was opened. Before then, climbers and researchers reached the village by foot or by mule. In the Middle Ages, the Valtournenche area belonged to the Lords of Cly, but it was then handed out to the House of Savoy. The parish church of Sant’Antonio, whose bell tower overlooks the surrounding landscape, was built in 1856 over the ruins of a XV century building.


This hamlet, located 2,000 meters above sea level, was an integral part of the Valtournenche community. It represented, with its alpine pastures and its simple houses, the arrival point at the foot of Mount Cervino and the starting point for crossing the Teodulo Hill. Until the XVI century, it was possible to live here all year long, thanks to the mild weather. However, after the Little Ice Age (1550-1860) and the resurgence of harsh winters, it became livable only in the warmer months.
The primitive chapel of Breuil was built to honor Notre-Dame des Hermites in 1758.
The current church of Breuil, dedicated to Maria Queen of Valle d'Aosta, was built from the donations of the valley residents and tourists, and it opened its doors in 1955.

On the snow

Valtournenche is where snow means sports, vacation and fun. Under the picturesque mountain chain of the Grandes Murailles, it developed a vast district between Mount Roisetta and Gran Sometta, with spectacular views of Mount Cervino. At an altitude of 2,982 meters from the “Cime Bianche”, one can find the point of connection for the Breuil-Cervinia and Zermatt districts. Even cross country skiing takes place on charming runs for every level of experience. The climbing paths and ice waterfalls are thrilling elements to enjoy, and one cannot forget to mention snowmobiling and ice karting.

With the sunshine

In summertime, it is possible to enjoy many excursions and natural paths.

Alternatively, it is possible to enjoy horseback riding, golfing, downhilling and more!

Nearby areas

In a few kilometers one can reach: