With this document, pursuant to articles 13 and 122 of Legislative Decree No. 196/2003 ("Privacy Code"), and pursuant to the Provision issued by the Italian Data Protection Authority (Garante) dated May 8, 2014, Immobilare San Grato di Pascarella Rino provides to the users of the website information about the cookies used. This policy can be read by following the link located on the footer of each website pages.


A "cookie" is a small text file placed on the user’s computer (or other device) when the user accesses a particular website. A cookie’s purpose is to store and transfer information. Cookies are sent by a web server (which is the computer that hosts the visited site) to the user’s browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.) and stored on the computer of the latter; then they are sent again to the website when it is visited again later.  
If cookies are disabled, some services may not work and some pages may not display properly.

There are different types of cookies, some of those make more effective the use of the website and some others enable certain features.

1) Technical Cookies

This type of cookie is strictly necessary for the proper operation of some sections of the website. Persistent cookies and session cookies belong to this category.
•    Persistent cookies: once the browser is closed, they are not destroyed but remain active up to a preset expiration date.
•    Session cookies: they are destroyed every time the browser is closed.
These cookies, always sent by the server of the website visited, are needed to properly display the website and to make sure that the technical services offered can work at their best; therefore, they will always be used and sent, unless the users change settings in their browser (thus invalidating the display of the site pages/services).

2) Cookies to integrate products and functions of third-party software

This type of cookies incorporates features developed by third parties within the pages of the website visited. This type of cookies includes the fields used to express preferences in the social networks to share contents of the website or used for software services of third-parties (such as software for generating maps or additional software that offer additional services). These cookies are sent by the web server of third-parties and by partner sites that offer their functionality among the pages of the website visited.
Third-party cookies are directly set by the managers of these websites and used for the purposes and in the manner defined by these managers.

3) Profiling cookies

These cookies design custom profiles with the purpose of sending advertising messages in line with the user’s preferences. They are created by "tracking" the type of browsing performed on visited websites and deducting from this browsing the preferences and interests of users.

The website does not use profiling cookies.

This website uses only technical cookies, exclusively to guarantee and facilitate navigation and use of the website. Technical cookies used by do not require any consent, pursuant to the Provisions issued by the Italian Data Protection Authority (Garante) dated May 8, 2014.

More specifically, this website uses:

a) IMMOBILIARESANGRATO, which expires at the end of the browsing session.
In the absence of this cookie, the website cannot work properly.

b) Third Party Cookies
Third parties cookies are used throughout the website. These cookies, as specified by the legislation, do not require the user’s consent. Even these cookies, just like the technical ones, facilitate user's browsing. We have created a detailed list of each third-party cookie, as well as the links that allow users to receive more information on them.


Google Maps

This website uses Google Maps.
Google maps is a service provided by Google Inc. ("Google") to include interactive maps within webpages. This service involves the installation of cookies by Google. To see the privacy policy of Google Inc., please refer to the following link:


Immobiliare San Grato di Pascarella Rino, according to the legislation in force, is not required to request consent for technical cookies, because they are necessary to provide the requested services.


Without prejudice to what is specified above concerning the use of cookies strictly necessary to allow browsing, the user is free to disable cookies by setting the preferences on its own browser (Microsoft Windows Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari...). In fact, each browser has different procedures to manage the setting available. Consult the websites of the companies that own these browsers for more information.